Chris Bettell

Suffer Theorist

Galileo got twisted Jericho was resurrected during The Karaoke Years... I have threatened to impregnate sheep that find cute modes of interfering with my slumber The first time I stroked it was in a Hawaii hotel shower A human jukebox on display so then I sing and someone hears me clapter (a sort of applause combined with laughter) a walrus whisker shy of a sitcom the miserable sober me rests on a stool dreading each country ballad I speak to pineapples and forget who originally sang "Me and Julio down my the school yard" my dimensions according to hell should fall based on density the same bricks hoisted over the then erect tower of P I S A it must be difficult to be apocrypha excluded to fit an agenda my archaeology is as rigid as a wall that could simply not stand. I vividly recall earthquakes, and parallax acutely diagnoses the pages. I now sing without having to suck the nothingness of paper cuts I sympathize with infinite inhabited worlds there is a lurking naivety in the integrity of gold a crushing orgasm from vandalizing this nativity apparatus watch me excavate prancing with grain cinders