Kate Greenstreet

from The Last 4 Things

To begin a journey. He set out (depart) to prove his point. To set one's mind at rest. There's a hole in the middle of life. (the body) The flashbacks will remind us. See what the room sees. A collection of cells. Your face on that small screen. I was myself, to join what had been separate. To translate without moving, "foliate." Your blonde guitar, my plaster Buddha. 500 lbs. of perfect pitch. : That's the sound: click. That's the sound we call "click." A girl who is nine plays a nine-year-old girl. A woman who is 50 plays a woman. With the skeleton inside. Gradually we realized. Dear within, I was seeing from a distance. It stayed small for quite a while. : Gradually we realized there were problems with the water. The river flowed out of the garden and divided into four. Meaning: rapid or sudden, broad, bursting forth, and fruitful. Possibly who floods in winter rains. We were fighting for the chimney field. It's a landmark, you know how people are. Separate the river from the blood. Where the gate first split from the Latin, meaning "go away." Because people have been burned for having views. Where the ground ended, they built bridges. The sea is always brighter than the land.