Nicholas Perrin

Four Sonnets

Description's Description

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Growing's Growth

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Santa Maria

The field is becoming dizzying consider forces converged on the cultural crossroads. Store front shelf space the hallmark of markets -- the movement of goods through their own conceptual re-imagination -- meaning, in way, that it can never end. Korea. It is no longer unusual. There are multi-faceted ways of coping, and almost always more than one way to read a fortune. What is this pattern which leads to me wanting? Having all constructed elegant truths. . . I can still see your nipples beneath that shirt. And though evolution is a wild thing- don't let your baby grow up to be a cowboy. Maturation happens anymore as if a mind, like smoke, seems separation slows as it disperses with the circumstances of air. Catching up to the process is chasing the tails of endulation. In and forward- fucking at the front of a ship.

Textyoureyes. my screen

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