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My lighter flame in the wind, your blue-gold hair. Cherry helmet guy is claiming his faulty lighter is flirty if a woman bums a flame. I'm hearing a lot of bizarre claims here, while a Zippo burns butane from tables. I learn from a film to light yours with mine.


He toys with a game piece, both of them showed up wearing black. "Don't get me evicted," she plays the musical saw. Some things from magazines fizz. Wanting this was different from wanting it again. A brass plaque for the shrink, and for the donation of this sofa.


He thought he was watching porno, thought he was seeing the real swarm and aquaculture. She walks by, melts the ice sculpture. Green sherbet t-shirt, apologizes for not wearing her skull-and-crossbones underpants, the orange plastic barrier flapping in the breeze.


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Tim Botta teaches English at a local community college. His poems have appeared in alice blue, Kulture Vulture, Mipoesias, and zafusy.