Jasper BernesNote on the Etymology of Camera
Charles Bernstein & Régis BonvicinoDefinitions of Brazil
Jack BoettcherUntitled
Tim Bottaeight poems
Julia CohenWe Took Away Your Horned Helmet with No Sacrifice on Our Side
Shanna Comptontwo poems
John Cotter and Shafer Hallthree poems
Lisa JarnotUntitled
Pierre JorisServitude (at Justin's)
Joan Kanetwo poems
Noelle KocotHirsute Blossoms Crashed into the Season, Exoskeletons of Zeroes Netted the Wind
Jason LabbeX
Kathleen OssipThe Grip of the Apron String
The Pinessix poems
Matthew Rohrerthree poems
Kate Schapirathree poems
Mathias Svalinathree poems
Kathryn Tabbthree poems
Allison TitusFarewell
Betsy Wheeler[The voice in the sky]

in translation

Sergei Kitov
(Eireene Nealand and Likka Frenkel, trans.)
five poems
Donald Wellmanfour pieces


Aaron Einbondtemper for bass clarinet and live electronics


Joe Amatofour from 'Last Night'
Peter Ciccariellothe effect of materiality
Simon DeDeofuck you, aloha, ecopoiesis
Adam GolaskiPrologue (from Color Plates)
Kent Johnsoncompetence, linguistics, politics, & post-avant matters
Amy NewmanDear Editors
Davis SchneidermanBaron Samedi Clan vs. Authority of the 1st-World All Stars
Tyler WilliamsMetairie


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