Merely by Karen Carcia


  1. September was.
  2. Though maybe I’m just looking
  3. and I want so much back—
  4. the pine moves. Dark stitches
  5. interlocking. Time passes thusly:
  6. the legible body,
  7. the verb that doesn’t end
  8. in –ed. Remember the bees,
  9. their tall, gray houses,
  10. like splinters. Even this.
  11. Even the edge of.
  12. *
  13. Ask: who looks for you?
  14. who looks for you? then
  15. everything you think of
  16. will come back to you.
  17. A barn. A backyard
  18. that extends into field.
  19. Into field. Into forest.
  20. *
  21. Time passes merely. The
  22. pine moves.
  23. I try to remember the verb that doesn’t.
  24. I try so much back.
  25. The legible body.
  26. The bees. September, and
  27. who looks for you?
About the Author

Karen Carcia lives in Jackson, Missouri. Her work has appeared in Diagram, Conduit, Field, Born, and Forklift, Ohio, among other magazines.