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Police Blotter

  1. Mischief to a Mercedes
  2. Mischief to the VFW
  3. Mischief between siblings
  4. Mischief laterally
  5. Mischief under the auspices of good fun
  6. Mischief to a baby carriage
  7. Mischief online
  8. Mischief in the late evening
  9. Mischief at the corner
  10. Mischief to numerous mailboxes
  11. Mischief in the guise of standard operating procedure
  12. Mischief involving calculations
  13. Mischief over the phone
  14. Mischief that had gotten rusty
  15. Mischief in the winter
  16. Mischief gone unnoticed
  17. Mischief gone unexecuted
  18. Mischief involving cats
  19. Mischief out of windows
  20. Mischief tomorrow
  21. Mischief at a higher level
  22. Mischief to the social fabric
  23. Mischief while operating a moving vehicle
  24. Mischief during game play
  25. Mischief since published
  26. Mischief of a certain percentage
  27. Mischief lately surfacing
  28. Mischief flagging
  29. Mischief in the gutters
  30. Mischief abroad
  31. Mischief involving spelling errors
  32. Mischief to a two-car garage
  33. Mischief of high volume
  34. Mischief in a second instance
  35. Mischief from outside
  36. Mischief continually pursued
  37. Mischief continually purged
  38. Mischief correspondence
  39. Mischief half-emptied
  40. Mischief become explosive
  41. Mischief to the appraisers
  42. Mischief in the form of infidelity
  43. Mischief as blinking lights
About the Author

Jessica Fjeld is the managing editor of jubilat. Her chapbook, On animate life, was selected for the Poetry Society of America Chapbook Fellowship by Lyn Hejinian. Recent poems have appeared or are forthcoming in GlitterPony, Fou, the Boston Review, and Invisible Ear.