I, Mary Kay Letourneau, Get All Reflective by Andrea Henchey

I, Mary Kay Letourneau, Get All Reflective

  1. A walk: soggy, fog-soaked night
  2. lamplights like little sightless
  3. cave fish: no eyes but the size
  4. of watermelons or so, though
  5. the night is seedless: no stars.
  6. I can see two possums borne
  7. by the bush, plopped onto
  8. the pavement where they spin
  9. around like wind-up toys.
  10. Their mouths meet.
  11. A kiss. No. A hiss.
  12. A fight.
  13.                         Last night,
  14. in my dream our lips touched.
  15. We mustn’t! you said. Such an
  16. awfully strange thing for a child to say.
About the Author

Andrea Henchey is a high school English teacher and MFA candidate through the Rainier Writing Workshop (Pacific Lutheran University). She also runs the “Inescapable Rhythms” reading series in Hartford, CT. Her work has appeared in The Onion River Review and GHOTI magazine.