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from China Cowboy

No one sees the little girl with black cowboy boots get off the ferry walking funny. She says her boots are hot. If you look down on the sidewalk you see bubbled balls of melted boot, molten leather slobber, but no one in Kowloon looks there. No one sees the man behind her a cowboy an American tall thin wiping his face with a blue bandana. Even though his wounds are healed he wipes. No one sees how the bandana turns red even though his wounds are healed, it is miraculous, but no one sees it.

About the Author

Kim Gek Lin Short’s work has been published or is forthcoming in No Tell Motel, 42Opus, Drunken Boat, and other places. Her full-length collection, The Bugging Watch & Other Exhibits, is forthcoming from Tarpaulin Sky Press, and her chapbook, The Residents, was released from dancing girl press in late 2008.