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  1. We are surrounded
  2. by feckless
  3. sinners,
  4. windblown shingles,
  5. bits of cinder.
  6. They
  7. totter and confound
  8. in a reedy sway.
  9. They
  10. bandy withershins
  11. w/ the weather.
  12. See the greedy,
  13. congregate, crowds.
  14. Sensual,
  15. slothful, vain,
  16. and proud.
  17. Dense copses of
  18. cottonwood, cowards.
  19. The lot,
  20. a thronging
  21. degenerate threnody,
  22. songing ungodly
  23. surrender.
About the Author

Matthew Klane is co-editor and founder of Flim Forum Press. His new book is B_____ Meditations (Stockport Flats, 2008) and his chapbooks include Sorrow Songs, Friend Delighting the Eloquent, and The Associated Press. Also see: The Meister-Reich Experiments, a sprawling hypertext, online at www.housepress.org. Other work can be found at Open Letters Monthly, Otoliths, and word for/word. He currently lives and writes in Albany, NY.