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Born Again, Monday Morn

  1. Shenandoah leathermen.
  2. Let your skin
  3. thicken
  4. like
  5. shagbark hickory.
  6. Let your heart
  7. hammer,
  8. torso,
  9. Sharps.
  10. Let your arteries
  11. harden and
  12. slag
  13. w/ tar.
  14. And your countenance
  15. darken
  16. like sundown
  17. on Sunday,
  18. like a
  19. dip
  20. down the barrel
  21. of a gun.
  22. In the morning,
  23. when market bells
  24. begin to clamor,
  25. Harper’s Ferry—
  26.      Rise     and     shine
About the Author

Matthew Klane is co-editor and founder of Flim Forum Press. His new book is B_____ Meditations (Stockport Flats, 2008) and his chapbooks include Sorrow Songs, Friend Delighting the Eloquent, and The Associated Press. Also see: The Meister-Reich Experiments, a sprawling hypertext, online at www.housepress.org. Other work can be found at Open Letters Monthly, Otoliths, and word for/word. He currently lives and writes in Albany, NY.